Wish Fulfiling Land new addition the Earth Cabin, 2021

Wish Fulfiling Land new addition the Earth Cabin, 2021

We know that it has been a while since our last update but we are now back with some exciting news.

If you have not seen on our facebook page yet, here is the latest addition to the Land.

An Earth Hut. The Earth Building journey has started with our Adobe Brick making and building work shop on the site.

In order to make the work shop happen we started making the bricks months in advance. Phillipa and many lovely volunteers

put their hands and feet into the clay mud most days. As they said, “it is great fun and clay makes your skin softer”. We took their word and made more bricks

as the Centre Staff. When the workshop day came, many keen people signed up and made a great team.

The talented group put the cabin’s first layers together supervised by adobe building experts Verena and Scott. After the workshop finished

Chandrakirti staff and some of the regular students continued with the building. Here is the latest stage yet to be finished.

I will keep you posted with many more pictures until the finished stage, followed by some videos of the landscape around it.

Many thanks for those whom helped kindly during their weekends making it possible, literally with one brick at a time.

May this building be beneficial to all beings through wishfulfiling retreats.


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