December 2018 – Update

December 2018 – Update

Dear Wish Fulfilling Friends,

In the past month we have had the pleasure of working with local contractor clearing gorse, he has cleared about 2 hectares on the flattest part of the property, giving us some productive land and a place to meet. He has also made a new road to the top prayer site and all existing tracks and driveway are renovated. Its looking good with the cleared land, gravel car park and access to some gorgeous areas in the gully we have never seen before.

With drone access we now have some fantastic footage and great shots of the land giving a big perspective. Especially some of the gully areas, so dense with vegetation we have not been able to explore them on foot, let alone get an idea of the opportunity they will create. Take a look at the photo below.

The retreat hut is very popular. Recently we had a Zen meditator for a 2 week retreat. At completion, being asked what she thought of the location, her first comment was “I was amazed at the amount of bird life!”

We have a meditator doing a 3 month retreat starting in late summer, with a local student enjoying a shorter retreat over new year. Please do consider booking your own time at the hut. It’s fully self contained and such a wonderful way to unhinge, leave your devices at home, enjoy the birds and nature and subdue the busy mind.To book your stay at please email Phillipa at or 027 434 8665, it’s a great stay!

It’s been a year since Chandrakirti purchased the land, and a lot of progress has been made and are looking forward to further development in the coming year. Merit is what we need for success. Being involved in constructing Holy Objects is the best way to create it.

In our next Summer issue, there will be an update on the Prayer Wheel project at Chandrakirti Centre. We are building a very large prayer wheel and with your help it will create the necessary conditions for the successful development of Wish Fulfilling Land.

At this time of year Buddhist or not, kindness and generosity seems a little easier. If you would like to make a first year anniversary donation to Wishfulling Land please go to

Happy Christmas holidays and may 2019 be fulfilling and prosperous.

Warmest Wishes

027 434 8665

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