May 2018 – Update

May 2018 – Update

Dear Wish Fulfilling Friends,

Its been a couple of months since we updated you on whats happening at the Wish Fulfilling retreat land – a lot has happened!
We now have a monk in retreat for 2 years.
An Australian monk – K – arrived in March intent on doing 2 years retreat, so we set to the project of building him a small yet comfortable retreat hut. The wooden solar powered hut is situated in a solitary area of Wishfulfilling land amongst the pine trees, with only the birds and local wild animals as companions. Huge thanks to Geoff for the dedication and huge effort in building and coordinating the hut construction, and thanks to the many folks who helped in the building process. Also huge thanks to our three main sponsors, as a dependent arising for developing insight & wisdom you couldn’t get better!

Students at Chandrakirti Centre are servicing our meditator and delivering groceries, and K does his own cooking. There is a special secret drop off spot with water proof box, the groceries are left there fortnightly and K puts in the list for his next delivery. We have a contingency plan if anything goes wrong.

It’s winter here at Wish Fulfilling Land with a lot of water about, we are looking at areas needing drainage and where the next tracks can be cut into the bush. Saka Dawa is coming up on Tuesday and we will recite sutras on the land, we recite sutras monthly on Wish Fulfilling Land. We now have a new bank account number for Wish Fulfilling Land and if you would like to take the enormous merit making opportunity to support our meditator and help with his food and expenses and support the retreat land, we
very much welcome your contributions.

Huge thank you to all those who have helped create this incredible and very practical opportunity for real insight and realisation. We will keep you posted on progress of the retreat land, and if you are thinking to do retreat at some point please do let us know. Much gratitude!


ASB Bank account number: 12-3158-0061536-00

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